(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2011, No. 5 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Vorobyov G. S., Zhurba V. O., Petrovsky M. V., Rybalko A. A., Shulga Yu. V. Modelling of Cherenkov and diffractional radiations on the periodical metal-dielectric structures  5
Baurov Yu. A., Demchuk N. A., Baurov A. Yu., Baurov A. Yu. (junior), Dunin V. B., Tikhomirov V. V., Sergeev S. V. Preliminary results of 60Co β-decay rate change long-term experimental investigation in 2010   12
Golyatina R. I., Mayorov S. A. Characteristics of the electron drift in a dc field for inert gases   22
Sobko A. A. Applied aspects of the classical thermodynamics. Part III. Thermodynamics of model gases   28
Denisov I. A., Smirnova N. A., Andrusov Yu. B., Resnik V. Ya., Mezhennyi M. V. Investigation of the CdZnTe structural perfection by the transmission electron microscopy   35
Predein A. V., Vasilyev V. V. Features of the band bending on the surface of graded gap Нg1-xCdx   41
Naumov N. D. Focusing of the wave beam by a parabolic reflector   48
Amirshikhova Z. M., Magomedov G. M., Kozlov G. V. Cross-linked epoxy polymers structure formation: the fractal model   52


Chirkov A. Yu., Ryzhkov S. V., Bagryansky P. A., Ani-keev A. V. Thermonuclear regimes of an axially symmetrical mirror trap with the high power injection of fast particles   57
Prokopenko A. V., Smirnov K. D. Microwave plasma torch at atmospheric pressure for the food industry  64


Golikov Yu. K., Krasnova N. K., Abramyonok O. A. Electric spectrographs of charged particle flows with poten-tials of Euler’s type  69
Bizyukov A. A., Girka A. I., Sereda K. N., Sleptsov V. V., Romashchenko E. V. Longitudinal ion source with a current self-compensation of the focused ion beam  74


Voitsekhovsky A. V., Nesmelov S. N., Dzyadukh S. M., Burlakov I. D., Selyakov A. Yu. Сalculation of capacitance-voltage characteristics for the MIS-structures based on heteroepitaxial HgCdTe MBE with near-surface graded-gap layers with elevated composition   80
Аnatychuk L. I., Demchuk B. N., Kobylyansky R. R., Pribyla A. V., Shustakov V. Yu. Thermoelectric radiation detectors  87
Zaitsev A. A., Khromov S. S., Boltar K. O., Kuznet- sov P. A. The 6x576 ROIC with time delayed integration  92
Solyakov V. N., Kortikov M. V. Researches of stability of the correction parameters for the TDI FPA  96
Boltar K. O., Yakovleva N. I., Nikonov A. V. IR transmission spectra of multilayer heteroepitaxial structures   100
Markov O. I. Influence of gadolinium additives on thermoelectric properties of the bismuth—antimony alloys   107
Abasova A. Z., Madatov R. S., Nadjafov A. I., Gazanfarov M. R. Effect of the γ-irradiation on the electrical and photo-voltaic properties of heterojunction p-TlInSe2 /n-TlSe  112


Beloconev V. M., Volcov V. G., Salicov V. L., Shmacova L. V. Day and night vision devices with stabilisation of a visual field   118
Okhrem V. G. Thermoelectric cooling by the Peltier effect   123
Ashimbaeva B. U., Chokin K. Sh., Asylbekova S. N., Saulebekov A. O. Energy analyzer on basis of combination of electrostatic fields   127

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