(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2012, No. 2 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Andreev D. G., Erokhin N. S. Interaction of charged particles with the electric field having a jumping phase  5


Dolgov A. N., Zemchenkova N. V., Klyachin N. A., Prokhorovich D. E. Experimental observation of the electron beam generation near the axis of a high current discharge due to the pinch effect   9


The Tenth All-Russian Seminar “Problems of Theore- tical and Applied Electron and Ion Optics” (May 24—26, 2011, Moscow)
Dirochka A. I., Filachev A. M. Problems of the theoretical and applied optics for electrons and ions  12
Perevodchikov V. I., Matveev N. V., Stalkov P. M., Truhachev I. M., Shapenko V. N., Shapiro A. L., Shcherbakov A. V. Perspectives of design and application of vacuum tubes in power electronics  18
Sachenko V. D. Projectivity of gaussian points in optical systems with deflected optic axis  25
Mikheev N. N., Stepovich M. A., Shirokova E. V. The new method of matrix correction calculation at X-ray analysis  31
Andrianova N. N., Borisov A. M., Borovskaya V. V., Mashkova E. S. Ion-beam polishing study of the surfaces of optical device components  36
Sveshnikov V. M., Zalessky V. G., Petrovich O. N. Simulation of EOS with a plasma emitter on the basis of a method of decomposition of calculation domain  40
Ashimbaeva B. U. Chokin K. Sh. Saulebekov A. O., Kambarova Zh. T. Modeling of electron-optical scheme of hexapole-cylindrical analyzer  45
Perevodchikov V. I., Stalkov P. M. Design of the electron-optic system for high-voltage electron switching tubes with electron breaking at the anode  49
Petrosyan A. I., Rogovin V. I., Semenov S. O. Investigation of the high perveance electron-optic system  54
Bimurzaev S. B., Yakushev E. M. Electromagnetic transaxial mirror with a curvilinear axial trajectory  60
Baisanov O. A., Doskeyev G. A., Edenova O. A., Spivak-Lavrov I. F. Study of the fringe field influence on moving of the charged particles in flat and cylindrical capacitors  67
Melnik K. I. Dynamic focusing by the quadrupole lens system for control of the submicron ion probe at electrostatic scanning  73
Gruzdev V. A., Petrovich O. N. The software package ELIS for simulation of EOS of PES  79
Akimov P. I., Kalashnikov D. A., Melnichuk G. V., Senatov O. I., Sigalaev V. N. Calculation and design of the extreme-waveguide magnetron with a magnetic reversible system  86
Chistov O. V., Shirokov D. A. Method of measurement of the signal-noise ratio for the electrooptical converter with a CCD array  90


Eremchuk A. I., Samvelov A. V., Shirokov D. A. Exploration of frictionproof hardening coatings for application in friction pairs of microcryogenic systems   93
Arakelov G. A., Samvelov A. V. Questions of optimization of power supply conditions of thermoelectric photoreceiver coolers in the structure of the optoelectronic equipment  96


Komarov V. V. EM-CCD CCTV-camera — research on heavenly objects  99
Semkin N. D., Kalaev M. P, Telegin A. M., Pijakov A. V., Rodin D. V. Multilayer film structures under the influence of micrometeoroids and space debris   104
Ulyanova E. O., Shatunov K. P. Thermocompensation in an optical system of a thermal imaging device  116

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