(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2012, No. 5 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Lopasov V. P. Estimation of features for laser radiation on the prepared magnetic multipole transition  5
Belorosov A. V., Kudryashov A. S., Naumov N. D. Diffraction of the focused wave beam   11
Bubis E. L., Gusev S. A., Kozhevatov I. E., Martynov V. O., Mamaev Yu. A., Sergeev A. S. Detecting inhomogeneities of medium by the phase contrast method with Zernicke photothermal cell   16
Larionov V. V., Lider A. M., Berezneeva Е. V., Krening M. X. Peculiarities of electromagnetic methods of controlling the hydrogen content in the layer-structure materials   20
Kondratenko V. S., Borisovsky V. E., Naumov A. S. Optimization of the laser thermocracking process   25
Timokhin V. M. Influence of the proton transport on the electric strengthening and breakdown of crystalline materials   31
Sevryukova E. A. Models of coagulation and mechanism of growth of agglomerates in clean rooms of microelec-tronics   37


Dolgov A. N., Klyachin N. A., Prokhorovich D. E. Comparative study of the spatial structure of the X-rays and ion emission sources in the micropinch discharge plasma   42
Riaby V. A., Obukhov V. A. About adequacy of probe diagnostics in RF plasmas   46
Zinchenko S. P., Tolmachev G. N. Accumulation of sputtering products of a ferroelectric target in the high-frequency glow discharge plasma   53
Velikodny V. Yu., Krikunova A. I. Studies of impact of the electric discharge, shock wave and acoustic processes in a bubble liquid on petroleum rheological properties   57
Maximov A. I., Khlyustova A. V. Underwater low-voltage electric discharges: physical properties and possibilities of application   62


Kostromin S. A., Samsonov E. V., Shirkov S. G. Study of transverse beam size evolution in cyclotrons acceleration simulation  67
Manuilov V. N., Yusupov E. T. Efficiency of numerical algorithms for solving particle motion equations in the formation systems of helical electron beams  72


Gorlachuk P. V., Marmalyuk A. A., Ryaboshtan Yu. L., Sarayikin V. V., Khakuashev P. E., Chinareva I. B. Diffusion of sulphur from the InP substrate of the InGaAs/InP heteroepitaxial structure at pin-photodiodes creating   77
Permikina E. V., Kashuba A. S., Ljalikov A. V., Korotaev Е. D., Burlakov I. D. High-resolution microscopy investigations of HgCdTe heteroepitaxial structures  81
Patrashin A. I., Burlakov I. D., Lopukhin A. A., Yakovleva N. I. Experimental studies of the computing method of IR FPA parameters  91
Kuznetsov P. A., Khromov S. S., Zaitsev A. A. Results of analysis of the 6x576 TDI ROIC  95
Mazin M. G., Lazarev P. S., Deeva G. G., Solyakov V. N., Khamidullin K. A., Judovskaya A. D. Equipment for quality research of imaging devices based on multirow matrix photodetectors with time delay and accumulation  98


Slavkin V. V., Tishchenko E. A. The unit for studying of nonlinear magnetic properties of high temperature superconductors by means of the third magnetic harmonic  103

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