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2014, No. 3 Founded in 1994. Moscow


A. N. Morozov and A. V. Skripkin Statistical description of the current fluctuations through a capacitor with a random superposed voltage  5
N. M. Barbin, I. V. Ovchinnikova, D. I. Terent’ev, and S. G. Alexeev Thermodynamic modeling thermal processes of the Wood alloy in various conditions   8
N. M. Barbin, I. V. Tikina, D. I. Terent’ev, and S. G. Alexeev Thermodynamic modeling of a vapor phase at evaporation of the Wood alloy at various pressures   12
B. V. Melkoumian Change of the mode at movement of a radiation phase skeleton   17

V. V. Kuzenov, S. V. Ryzhkov, and V. V. Shumaev Thermodynamic properties of magnetized plasma evaluated by Thomas-Fermi model   22
V. V. Kuzenov and S. V. Ryzhkov Radiation-hydrodynamic modeling of the contact boundary of the plasma target placed in an external magnetic field   26
A. A. Balmashnov, S. P. Stepina, and A. M. Umnov Parameters of ECR plasma created in а narrow coaxial cavity of the CERA-RI-2 injector   31
V. S. Kurbanismailov, O. A. Omarov, and G. B. Ragimkhanov Radiation and spectral characteristics of argon spark channel   35
V. V. Andreev, A. N. Matunin, and Yu. P. Pichugin Plasma-chemical ozone generator with the increased uniformity of microdischarge processes in the barrier discharge   39
V. V. Andreev, L. A. Vasilyeva, and Yu. P. Pichugin Investigation of the energy cost of ozone synthesis in the cells of surface dielectric barrier discharge   43
A. P. Semenov, B. B. Baldanov, Ts. V. Ranzhurov, Ch. N. Norboev, B. B. Namsaraev, V. B. Dambaev, S. V. Gomboeva, and L. R. Abidueva Influence of the low-temperature argon plasma of low-current high-voltage discharges on microorganisms   47

A. A. Balmashnov, A. V. Kalashnikov, V. V. Kalashnikov, S. P. Stepina, and A. M. Umnov Self-organization of electron bunches in the X-ray ECR source CERA-RX (C)   51

A. E. Mirifianchenko, E. D. Korotaev, and N. I. Iakovleva Investigation of the surface morphology InSb substrates by high resolution microscopy methods   55
N. I. Iakovleva, K. O. Boltar, A. V. Niconov, and N. A. Bunkina SWIR ADP FPAs based on InGaAs heterostructures   61
K. O. Boltar, P. V. Vlasov, A. A. Lopuhin, and N. G. Mansvetov FPA cold shield characteristics   67
M. E. Kononov, A. V. Polesskiy, and K. A. Khamidullin Pixel crosstalk in ultraviolet focal plane array based on AlGaN heterostructures   71
D. S. Andreev, A. K. Budtolaeva., P. E. Khakuashev, and I. V. Chinareva Influence of sulphur diffusion from the InP substrate on pin-photodiode parameters   75
D. S. Andreev, A. K. Budtolaeva, O. V. Ogneva, and I. V. Chinareva Influence of plasma-chemical processing on the electrical features of InGaAsP/InP photodiodes   79

R. R. Khasaya, Yu. V. Khomich, T. V.Malinskiy, S. I. Mikolutskiy, V. N. Tokarev, V. A. Yamschikov, and Yu. A. Zheleznov Experimental setup for direct laser micro- and nanostructuring of solid surface   83


Rules for authors   88

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