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2015, No. 1 Founded in 1994. Moscow


E. V. Seregina, M. A. Stepovich, A. M. Makarenkov, M. N. Filippov, and E. V. Platoshin About the possibility of using the trigonometric expressions in the form of recursive functions for solving the diffusion equation with discontinuous coefficients 5
S. V. Vinogradov, M. A. Kononov, and V. M. Kononov Atomic-force microscopy of silver iodide nanocrystals under surface optical sensitization   11
D. V. Manukovskaya, N. V. Sidorov, М. N. Palatnikov, and А. V. Syuy Use of the fractal analysis for research of photoinduced light scattering pictures in lithium niobate crystals  14
V. I. Krylov and V. V. Khomyakov About bremsstrahlung of electrons passing through the multilayer structure of Coulomb centers and accelerated by a small homogeneous electric field   18

S. A. Maiorov, R. I. Golyatina, S. K. Kodanova, T. S. Ramazanov, and N. Kh. Bastykova Properties of plasma–dust structures in the He–Ar RF discharge   24
Yu. A. Lebedev, G. V. Krashevskaya, and M. A. Gogoleva Spatial distribution of the electron component parameters in nitrogen plasma of a microwave electrode discharge at reduced pressure   30

A. S. Klimov, V. A. Burdovitsin, A. A. Grishkov, E. M. Oks, A. A. Zenin, and Yu. G. Yushkov Ribbon electron beam formation by a forevacuum plasma electron source   35
A. V. Balovnev, I. V. Vizgalov, and G. H. Salahutdinov Abnormal electron-electron emission diagnostics in autooscillation regime of a beam plasma discharge by the filter method and ter-moluminescent detectors   40

A. V. Vishnyakov, V. A. Stuchinsky, D. V. Brunev, A. V. Zverev, and S. A. Dvoretsky Two-dimensional diffusion model as applied to the analysis of the diffusion process of charge carriers in the photosensitive film of HgCdTe IR FPA detectors   44
V. M. Akimov, K. O. Boltar, L. A. Vasileva, N. A. Demidov, N. A. Irodov, and E. A. Klimanov Modified topology of indium microcontacts   51
D. S. Andreev, A. K. Budtolaev, O. V. Ogneva, M. A. Trishenkov, and I. V. Chinareva Passivation and protection of a surface of photodiodes based on In1-xGaxAs1-yPy/InP by the silicon-nitride film   56
P. M. Borovkov, L. N. Kazarin, N. V. Kravchenko, A. V. Potapov, and M. A. Trishenkov Features of a circuit technology for pulse threshold photodetectors with rapid sensitivity recovery after the influence of an overloading pulse   61
V. I. Demidov, A. A. Kolesova, M. E. Kononov, A. V. Lobachyov, A. V. Polesskiy, N. A. Semenchenko, and K. A. Khamidullin Research of influence of the photodetectors’ dynamic range on the measurement accuracy of the optical system’s point spread function   66
N. N. Oganesyan, A. V. Samvelov, D. A. Sysoev, and D. V. Minaev The study of the dependence of main characteristics of matrix photodetectors on cryoagent pressure of microcryogenic system   72
K. O. Boltar, A. S. Kashuba, M. V. Sednev, and Yu. P. Sharonov Investigation of the relaxation processes in heteroepitaxial HgCdTe structures   76
V. S. Varganova, N. V. Kravchenko, V. M. Patryn, M. A. Trishenkov, P. E. Khakuashev, and I. V. Chinareva Features of spectral characteristics of ultraviolet GaP photodiodes using Schottky barrier   80
A. V. Nikonov, N. M. Kulyahtina, K. O. Boltar, and N. I. Iakovleva Refractive index of InP and InGaAsP epitaxial layers   83
N. I. Iakovleva, K. O. Boltar, М. V. Sednev, A. A. Lopuxin, and E .D. Korotaev 320х256 ADP FPA based on A3B5 heterostructures with InGaAs absorber layer and InAlAs barrier layer   87

E. R. Badertinov, I. G. Denisov, and A. V. Kozlov Design features of a television channel in the infrared-visible optical systems   92
B. V. Melkoumian Using the resonator sensor of acceleration   96


Resolution of All-Russian Forum on Technological Leadership of Russia - TECHNODOCTRINA™-2014   101
Summary list of articles published in 2014   103
Rules for authors   108
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