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2015, No. 5 Founded in 1994. Moscow


M. F. Koldunov and L. M. Koldunov Figures of merit for excited state absorption of organic compounds  5
E. Yu. Loktionov Laser ablation of ferrofluids   12
Yu. A. Yakimov and E. A. Klimanov Modeling of processes of gettering the generation-recombination centers in silicon at diffusion of phosphorus and boron   15
A. V. Nikonov, N. M. Kulyahtina, N. I. Iakovleva, and K. O. Boltar Model of AIIIBV epitaxial layers dielectric function depending on electronic energy-band structure   21

D. A. Kravchenko Kinetic model of plasma in an ion thruster discharge chamber   26
V. O. German, A. P. Glinov, A. P. Golovin, and P. V. Kozlov About dynamics and features of anodic spots structure in electric arc on graphite electrodes in an exterior magnetic field   33
M. V. Sokolova, A. M. Nikitin, S. A. Krivov, A. V. Lazukin, I. E. Rebrov, M. V. Malashin, and S. V. Nebogatkin Electric characteristics of a volume-surface discharge in the three-electrode system for impulse-periodic voltage application   39
A. F. Alexandrov, K. V. Vavilin, E. A. Kralkina, V. B. Pavlov, A. K. Petrov, and V. P. Tarakanov KARAT modeling of the inductive RF discharge placed into an external magnetic field   44

А. А. Grishkov, S. Yu. Kornilov, N. G. Rempe, S. V. Shidlovskiy, and V. A. Shklyaev Simulation of the formation and transportation of an electron beam in a gas-filled electron-optical system with a plasma emitter   48
A. I. Golovin Energy distribution of a run-away electron beam generated by the stationary open discharge   54

N. I. Iakovleva The influence of recombination mechanisms on the dark current-voltage characteristics of the HgCdTe photodiodes   59
V. P. Astakhov, G. S. Solovjova, and A. V. Artamonov About possibility of increasing the operating temperature and improving the parameters for the threshold InSb photodiodes   71
A. Sh. Abdinov, S. I. Amirova, R. F. Babayeva, and N. A. Ragimova The IR-radiation receivers on a basis of gallium monoselenide   75
A. V. Pogozheva, S. V. Golovin, M. R. Lakmanova, E. F. Zaharov, and A. S. Kashuba Сhemical-mechanical treatment of the cadmium-zinc-telluride surface using the sulfuric acid as an etching agent   80
L. V. Kiseleva, A. A. Lopukhin, Yu. S. Mezin, A. V. Savostin, P. V. Vlasov, and O. S. Vyatkina Influence of conditions of the InSb monocrystals chemical processing on a surface composition and structure   84

V. A. Levchenko, A. I. Vasil’ev, L. M. Vasilyak, S. V. Kostyuchenko, and N. N. Kudryavtsev Increasing a lifetime of the powerful low-pressure discharge lamps   90
M. D. Gamirullin, A. P. Kuryachii, I. E. Rebrov, V. Yu. Khomich, S. L. Chernyshev, and V. A. Yamshchikov The experimental setup for study of plasma actuators generating an electrohydrodynamic flow   95
V. N. Tikhonov, I. A. Ivanov, A. E. Kryukov, and A. V. Tikhonov Low cost microwave generators for plasma torches   102
P. A. Kuznetsov and I. S. Moshchev ROIC for the starring SWIR FPAs with an extended dynamic range   107

Remembering about Academician Yu. K. Pozhela   111


12th All-Russian Seminar on Problems of the Electron and Ion Optics   113
XLIII International Zvenigorod Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion   114
Rules for authors   117

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