(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2016, No. 3 Founded in 1994. Moscow


R. I. Golyatina and S. А. Мaiorov Electron drift characteristics in Ar-Hg   5
Yu. A. Lebedev, A. V. Tatarinov, and I. L. Epstein A role of an electron impact in a microwave discharge in the liquid n-heptane at atmospheric pressure   11
V. V. Andreev, A. A. Novitsky, M. A. Korneeva, and A. M. Umnov Photochronological, radiographic, and modeling studies of dynamics of the development of relativistic plasma formations in the length mirror cells   15
Yu. M. Grishin and A. S. Skryabin Estimation of the parameters of plasma flows within technological pulsed acelerators for surface modification of construction materials   22
M. V. Malashin, S. I. Moshkunov, V. Yu. Khomich, and E. A. Shershunova Radial current distribution of a nanosecond barrier discharge in atmospheric air   28
A. M. Ismailov, S. L. Gammataev, M. R. Rabadanov, I. Sh. Aliev, and L. L. Emiraslanova Formation of crystal structures on a surface of the "hot" ZnO target at magnetron sputtering   33

A. S. Klimov, A. A. Zenin, E. M. Oks, M. V. Shandrikov, and Y. G. Yushkov Electron beam evaporation of the ceramic targets at a forevacuum pressure   40

A. V. Filatov, E. V. Susov, V. V. Karpov, V. A. Zhilkin, S. P. Ljubchenko, Н. С. Smiths, and A. V. Marushchenko Work in the independent mode of photodetectors from InSb and hetero-structures CdHgTe of the 3—5 μm band   45
V. E. Lozhnikov and A. I. Dirochka Modulation method for measurement of parameters of photodetectors at the wavelength of 10.6 μm for heterodyne applications   51
I. D. Burlakov, K. O. Boltar, P. V. Vlasov, A. A. Lopukhin, A. I. Toropov, K. S. Juravlev, and V. V. Fadeev FPA 320x256 InSb detectors with an epitaxial layer fabricated on the high doping substrate   58

V. M. Kotov, S. V. Averin, and E. V. Kotov Acousto-optic transformation of the frequency shift of the optical radiation into the amplitude modulated signal   65
A. V. Burdakov, A. S. Kuznetsov, B. F. Bayanov, V. T. Astrelin, K. I. Mekler, and Yu. S. Sulyaev Graphite targets for experiments on GRA detection of nitrogen containing materials   69
A. B. Spiridonov, S. V. Litsoev, and I. I. Petrychuk Development of MIS varicaps with charge transfer for UHF range   75
D. G. Kalyuzhnyi, V. A. Alexandrov, and V. V. Besogonov The possibility of using the thick Ag–Pd film for measuring the laser parameters   81
O. Y. Berezina, P. P. Boriskov, S. V. Burdyukh, E. V. Moshkina, A. L. Pergament, and D. S. Yakovleva Model conception of the internal electrochromic effect mechanism in hydrated vanadium pentoxide   85


Journal articles translated and published in English-Language journals in the first half on 2016   90
Rules for authors   94
Three Volumes on Photoelectronics   97

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