No. 3-4, 1998


Rosenfeld L.B., Shahbazov S.Yu., Pahomova I.Yu. Analysis of factors influencing upon electron brightness measurement accuracy.

Makarova I.S., Vasichev B. N., Zotova M. O., Filachev A. M Approximate calculation of aberrations caused by tolerances for fabrication and alignment of magnetic lenses pole pieces.

Filachev A. M., Vasichev B. N., Makarova I.S., Rosenfeld L.B., Chernova-Stoljarova E.E. Analysis of high-voltage electron microscope СВЭМ-1 possibility for the material radiation stability study.

Grishina T. A., Grishina V. Yu. The electron-optical formulation of static systems by the method of integral equations.

I. SH. Beluga A program for the calculation of three-dimensional electrostatic systems by the method of integral equations

Vashkovsky A. V., Negalova L.A., Syrovoy V. A. Testing of geometrized models of dense electron beams.

Syrovoy V. A. Geometrized theory of thin spatial electron beams.

Nevsky P. V. General problems of electron optics of multibeam electron flows and their resolve.

Rosenfeld L.B., Vasichev B. N., Zotova M. O. Fabrication accuracy influence upon the field symmetry of high-speed magnetic deflecting system.

Akimov P. I., Bogoslovskaya A.B. The perfection of the electron-optical systems parameters for electron beam switch.

Zavjalov M.F., Neganova M.A., Syrovoy V. A The theory and practice of creation of electron-optical systems for devices with powerful electron beams.

Manuilov V.N., Raisky B.V., Tsimring Sh.E. Solujanova E.A. Theoretical and experimental investigation of synthesized gyration magnetron-injection guns in space charge limited current regime.

Abdulmanov V.G., Korotkova V.A., Nevsky P. V., Rebachek V.P., Fediaef V.K. Electron-optical system with convergence 1000, forming a powerful long flow with small diameter.

Kreopalov D.V., Savchenko A.M. Exchange interaction in magnetic systems.