№ 4, 1999


  1. Klochkov D.N., Pekar M.Yu, Rukhadze A.A. Nonresonance microwave oscillators based on the radiate pierce instability of REB.
  2. Martynov O.V., Teterin E.P. Molecular-kinetic of arising the tangent efforts in simple liquids in the wide interval of gradients of shift velocities.
  3. Shamrai K.P. On the density jumps in helicon plasma sources.
  4. Boltar K.O., Bovina L.A., Saginov L.D., Soliakov V.N., Stafeev V.I. Negative conductivity in CMT photodiodes.
  5. Bovina L.A., Soliakov V.N., Mansvetov N.G., Bourlakov I.D., Golovin S.V., Ivanov V.Y., Stafeev V.I., Iljin Y.K., Klimanov E.A. TDI CdHgTe 4x48, 2x96, 4x128 and 2x256 focal plane arrays.
  6. Vasichev B.N. Electron beam computers base on microvacuum cells.
  7. Koshchavtsev N.F., Koshchavtsev A.N., Fedotova S.F. About the recognition range in low-light-level visualization system.
  8. Vasichev B.N. Information special feature identify form have appearance elementary geterogen structure and topology in specimens semiconductors and other materials by method analytic electron microscopy.
  9. Novikov V.U., Kozlov G.V. Quasi-equilibrium condition of polymer structures within the framework of a model of the diffusive-limited aggregate.
  10. Novikov V.U., Kozlov G.V. Hierarchy and evolution of dissipate structures in deformed network polymers.
  11. Troshkin Y.S., Chapkevlch A.L., Gorbunov E.K., Posevin O.P., Samvelov A.V. Microcryogenic systems with Split-Stirling gas cryogenic machine for cooling of photodetective assemblies.


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