No. 2 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2006



Lochak G. Light monopoles theory: an overview of their effects in physics, chemistry, biology and nucler science (weak interactions)   5
Rokhman B.B. On trasfer equations for the correlation monents of velocities fluctuations of the disperse phase on stabilized part of the axially symmetrical two phase stream. Part I.. Equations for the second monents. Algebraic ratio for the third correlations   11
Volov D.B. Reception of optical radiation energy in ballistic compression devices for laser pumping systems 18
Reshetov V.A., Romadyonkina S.B., Dragunkina O.S., Ovchinnikova I.V., Turunov D.L., Pivovarov A.B. Application of differential-integral scanning calorimetry in the production and usage practice of composites   24
Antonov I.N., Pivovarov A.V., Ovchinnikova G.A. Transformation of microwave oscillations in electrodynamic systems with dielectric   27
Filachev A.M., Saginov L.D., Kononov A.S., Sviridov A.N., Bakumenko V.I. Using full internal eflection phenomenon for a spectral filtration of the imagery   30


Fedorov V.A. The reaction of plasma on the potential probe with negative electric charge   37
Aleksandrov A.F., Bugrov G.E., Vavilin K.V., Kerimova I.F., Kralkina E.A., Pavlov V.B., Plaksin V.Yu., Rukhadze A.A. Examination of an inductive high-frequency discharge as the self-consistent system. Part IV. Results of examination of an equivalent resistance for the inductive high-frequency discharge at a low pressure and without a magnetic field.  41
Kirko I.M., Kuznetsov V.A. The phenomenon the purification of electrodes of the barrier ozone generator at a turbulent mode movement of gas   47


Akimov V.M., Boltar K.O., Burlakov I..D., Vasiljeva L.A., Klimanov E.A., Lisakin V.P., Mansvetov N.G., Sagunov L.D., Solyakov V.N., Schukin S.V. Silicon cooled LSIC 768x576 and 6x480 for photodetective assemblies   50
Alekseevicheva V. S., Burlakov I. D., Ilieva A. P., Kuznetsov P.A., Popovyan G. E., Ponomarenko V. P., Troshkin Yu. S., Filatov A.V., Esaulov Yu. N., Lipin M.V. The multichannel high – sensitivity photoreception device with small time output for an operating conditions on the basis of the photoresistor from HgCdTe   53
Boltar K.O., Iakovleva N.I., Burlakov I. D., Stafeev V.I., Sednev M.V., Permikina E.V., Moiseev A.N., Kotkov A.P., Grishnova N.D. Cold optical filter on the base of HgCdTe epitaxial layer grown by MOCVD  57
Vasiljev V.V., Dultsev F.N., Mashukov U.P., Parm I.O., Solowjev A.P. Low temperature sillicon oxinitride film deposition using planar inductive plasma source for Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride (MCT) passivation  59
Abdinov A.Sh., Eyvazova G.H., Babaeva P.F., Rzayev R.M. The effect of doping by rare earth elements on initial and sensibilized IR-photosensitivity of layered indium selenide crystals  62
Altukhov A.A., Eremin V.V., Kireev V.A., Mitenkin A.V. Ultraviolet photodetector from 2a-type natural diamond for the 0.19 - 0.28 mm spectral range   66
Skipetrov E.P., Zvereva E.A., Golubev A.V., Slynko V.E. Photoconductivity of the Pb1-xGexTe alloys doped with gallium and ytterbium  72
Senokosov E.A., Sorochan V.V. Perfomances of positionally-sensing photodetectors on the basis of stratums nCdTe:In   77
Melnikov A.A., Kulchitsky N.A., Kulchitsky A.N. Modeling vapour phase growth Cd1-x Znx Te crystals   80
Tahirov V.I., Jafarov T.Q., Qakhramanov E.N. Content distribution control along the binary solid solution single crystals grown by chokhralsky method using feeding alloys when the rucible is a truncated cone  86
Tahirov U.V., Qakhramanov N.F., Ibragimova A.R. A new method of single crystal growth of binary solid solutions with stepwise distribution of components   91
Grishina T.N., Kiseleva T.V., Kravtshenko N.V., Kulymanov A.V., Liberova G.V., Mishchenkova T.N., Troshkov A.E., Sharipov A.G. Technological aspects of microbolometer array manufacture   96


Berkin A.B., Vasilyev V.V. Modeling of the modes MCP current amplification by methods of the theory electric circuits   98
Romanovsky О.А. Analysis of possibility of detection of anomalous near-ground concentrations of nitrogen oxides, ammonia and methane by airborne lidar   103
Semkin N.D., Voronov K.E., Zanin A.N., Pijakov I.V. Determination methods and means of air escape from space station modele  108
Ivanov E.V., Moshkunov S.I., Khomich V.Yu. High voltage nanosecond pulse generator basing on combined solid state switch   122
Markov O.I. Optimal concentration of the arm charge carrier under maximum cold-productivity and maximum refrigeration efficiency   126

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