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Martynov O. V., Teterin E. P. Electromagnetic wave absorption with frequencies close to oscillation frequency of cell molecules in liquid   5
Zhuravlev O. N., Koroteev D. A., Popov K. I. Hydrodynamic resistance reducing by stochastic impact   8


The Eigh’th All-Russian Seminar “Problems of Theoretical and Applied Electron and Ion Optics” (29— 31 May, 2007, Moscow)

Filachev A. M. The VIII All-Russian seminar "Problems of theoretical and applied electron and ion optics"  12
Syresin E. M., Noda K. Formation and stability of high intensive cooled ion beam in synchrotron at injection energy   14
Bykovsky V. F., Kobets A. G., Korotaev Yu. V., Meshkov I. N., Rudakov A. Yu., Pavlov V. N., Sidorin A. O., Trubnikov G. V., Yakovenko S. L. The pulse injector of the low energy positrons   24
Ponomarev A. G., Rebrov V. A., Sayko N. А., Dud-nik А. B., Pavlenko P. A., Drozdenko A. A., Miroshnichenko V. I., Storizhko V. E. Proton scanning microprobe with integrated probeforming system   28
Andreev S. V., Belolipetskiy V. S., Brukhnevich G. I., Vorob’ev N. S., Degtyareva V. P., Kuzmenko E. A., Lozovoy V. I., Monastyrskiy M. A., Serduchenko Yu. I., Tarasov V. A., Schelev M. Ya., Greenfield D. E. Temporal and spatial focusing of photoelectron bunches in non-stationary electric field (simulation and experiment)   33
Sveshnikov V. M. Numerical calculation of intensive charged particle beams on quasistructured rectangular grids  40
Polyakov S. V., Fedirko V. A. Program tool for simulation of cathode microcell with semiconductor auto-emitter  48
Trubitsyn A. A. The software "FOCUS" modelling axi-symmetric electron-optical systems: algorithms and characteristics  56
Greenfield D. E., Shulenok A. P. Hybrid method of modeling magnetic system with saturable materials  62
Mordyk S. N., Voznyy V. I., Miroshnichenko V. I., Storizhko V. E., Shulha D. P. Investigation of ion optical performances of ion injector  70
Ashimbaeva B. U., Chokin K. Sh., Saulebekov A. O. Focusing properties of the electrostatic mirror with hexapole cylindrical field  74
Baranova L. A., Gusinsky G. M. Computer simulation of field emission multitip cathodes  79
Zhukov V. A. Backgrounds for development of FIB on He+ ions with resolution of 1.6 nm for research of metal nanostructure  82
Petrosyan A. I., Rogovin V. I. The simulation of TWTO electron-optical systems with field emission  86
Kamyshan A. S., Komarov F. F., Lagutin A. E. Investigation of ion-optical characteristics of dielectric capillaries  91
Akimov V. M., Dreomova N. N., Yakunin S. N. Electron-beam methods of induced current and poten-tial contrast in the failure analysis of front-end matrix for IR photodetectors  94


Burlakov I. D., Boltar K. O., Patrashin A. I., Yakovleva N. I., Degtyarev E. V., Solodkov A. A. Tests of non-failure operation for multi-row and array photodetectors on the basis of CdHgTe photodiodes   100
Filachev A. M., Saginov L. D., Kononov A. S., Sviridov A. N., Bakumenko V. L. The filtering device with use of the multibeam interferometry   104
Batyrev N. I., Dracheva E. O., Klimanov E. A., Michertumeynz A. R., Seregina N. N. Investigations of indiuum bump fabrication processes on silicon wafers   108


Oparichev A. B., Karimbekov M. A., Oparichev E. B., Vigdorovich V. N. Choice of materials for thermocouple controllers of temperature and radiation   112

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