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2013, No. 4 Founded in 1994. Moscow


K.O. Boltar, J.P. Sharonov, M.V. Sednev, D.V. Smirnov, E.N. Zubkova, and N.A.Irodov Research of speed of ionic-beam etching heterostructures GaN/AlxGa1-xN  5
V.V. Gavrusko, S.G, Kuzyukov, Y.N. Proshkin, A.A. Sapozhnikov, and A.M. Chuprakov Persistence of settings and uncooled photodetector devices and photodiodes for 1.8-2.4 µm spectral range   9
P.A. Kuznetsov and S.S. Khromov ROIC noise optimization in SWIR and UV photodetector arrays   12
V.M. Belokonev, V.G. Volkov, V.L. Salikov, and B.A. Sluchak Laser television device   16
A.V. Balovnev, I.G. Grygoryeva, E.I. Dodulad, A.S. Savelov, and G.Kh. Salakhutdinov Research of micropinch X-rays using thermoluminescent detectors   23
V.V. Andreev, Yu.P. Pichugin, V.G. Telegin, and G.G. Telegin Influence of the phase shift between the voltages in the discharge contours on the combined barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure in air   27
Kh.K. Tazmeev, I.M. Arslanov, and G.Kh. Tazmeev Influence of localization zone binding of the high-current discharge to the liquid electrolyte on the formation of a plasma column   33
V.A. Neverov, K.N. Nishchev, V.P. Selajev, and A.A. Panov Small-angle X-ray scattering study of nanostructure of condensed microsilica   38
A.N. Morozov and A.V. Skripkin Thermal radiation of the conductor with a fluctuating current   43
A.A. Igolkin, A.I. Safin, G.M. Makaryants, A.N. Kruchkov, and E.V. Shakhmatov Non-contact registration and analysis of the product machine vibration with a three-component laser scanner   49
A.I. Dovgyallo, S.O. Nekrasova, D.V. Sarmin, and D.A.Uglanov Imitations tests of throttle cooling system with cryogenic refueling tank and its comparative characteristics   54
V.A. Demin Convective separators   60
S.V. Lopatkin, V.V. Vlasov, A.G. Danilov, B.G. Danilov, and M.A. Kruchinin Influence of the balls’ size and material using during mixing of source materials on electrophysical properties of zinc oxide varistors.   68
XXIII International Conference on Photoelectronics…(Moscow, May 28-30, 2014)   73
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Rules for Author   75

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