No. 1 Founded in 1994 Moscow 1995


Alexandrov A. P., Kondrashin S. G, Bugrov G. E., Kralkina E. A., Obudhov V. A., Rukhadze A. A., Vorobyev N. F. Low power high frequency plasma sources   3
Baikov I. S, Golovashkin A. I. Ultrathin films of high-Tc superconductors, heterostructures and super-lattices on their base   22
Ivanov V. I. The processes of emissive coatings formation on cathods follouing by ionizing radiation   30
Baurov Yu. A., Shutov V.L Influence of magnetic potential of Earth and Sun on b-decay velocity   40
Ivanchenko A. V., Scladnova E. E. Study of a strengthen Nd-alloy 5VMTs by x-ray spectroscopy   46
Chularis A. A., Kolpacheva O. V., Kolpachev A. B.. Nikiforov I. Ya. Nature of the chemical bound of intermetallics system Ti—Cu   49
Gabelko V. K. On the possibility of imparting higher survivability features to the simpliest homogeneous media   57
Borisov S. K., Kuzmina M. A., Mishin V. A. Laser isotope separation of ytterbium   65
Barinov V. I. A laser source of average power (The analitical review of investigations in Russia)   82
Baikov I. S. The new optical frequency standards   116

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