Applied Physics, No. 3, 2000

Fedirko V. A., Polyakov S. V. Numerical simulation of electron transport in semiconductor field emitter 7
Zapevalov V. E., Kuftin A. N., Lygin V. K., Postnikova A. S. Numerical simulation and experimental investigation for millimeter waves powerful gyrotrons helical electron beams 14
Grishina T. A., Grishina V. Yu. Use of electron on a crystal lattice dynamic diffraction electron-optical formulation for an anomalous absorption effects on the transmission electron microscope images of crystallinŠµ objects explanation 25
Vasichev B. N., Melnikov A. A., Potapkin O. D. The analysic of efficiency of secondary electron detectors in pair symmetre regime 34
Freinkman B. G. Coulomb image distortion in charge particle projection systems: Scattering function of arbitrary image point 42
Rozenfeld L. B., Vasichev B. N., Zotova M. O. Simulation and analysis of aberrations, appearing as violation of high-speed magnetic stigmators and quadrupole lens 52
Lechtchinskaia A. A., Rybachek V. P. Research of conditions forming and transportation of beams discount three-dimensional magnetic field 60
Krivocheev P. V., Manuilov V. N., Lygin V. K. Numerical simulation of the gyrotron magnetron-injection guns taking into account electrons reflected from the magnetic mirror 65
Kuftin A. N., Belov S. P. Magnetic shielded electron optical system of a gyrotron in space charge limited current regime 76
Belov S. P., Kuftin A. N., Manuilov V. N., Tsimring Sh. E. Formation of helical electron beams of gyroresonance divices in a strong nonuniform magnetic field 82
Cheburkin A. N., Kharchenko S. A. Projection method of electron energy distribution reconstruction 91
Kreopalov D. V., Savchenko M. A., Savchenko A. M. Isotope effect in HTSC systems 102
Kuz'menkov L. S., Maksimov S. G. On the correct spin-spin hamiltonian and its conse-quences 107
Astakhov V. P., Gindin D. A., Karpenko E. F., Karpov V. V., Sokolova T. M., Sorokin K. V. Ion-doped diode structures on n-silicon, produced in serial manufacture conditions 115
Bondareva A. L., Zmievskaya G. I. Numerical model of helium bubbles formation under influence of plasma flows on solid sufrace. 122
Inkov L. V., Levchenko V. D., Sigov Yu. S. Numerical kinetic simulation of dusty plasma dynamics 138
Levchenko V. D., Sigov Yu. S. Noncollisional relaxation of warm electron beam with subcritical density being injected to plasma 146
Balakin A. A., Fraiman G. M. Coherent effects dyring electron-ion collisions in super strong laser fields 154
Avramenko R. F., Grichin V. A., Nikolayeva V. I., Paschina A. S., Poskacheyeva L. P. Experimental and theoretical researches of the plasmoids forming singularities 167
Trotsyuk K. V., Profe V. B., Astaikin A. I., Martynov A. P. Generator with distributed resonator 178
Trotsyuk K. V., Profe V. B., Astaikin A. I., Martynov A. P. Method of resonance for measuring a dispersion characteristic of a chain of bound resonators 181

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