Applied Physics
No. 2, 2002

Plasma physics and plasma technologies
Bogdankevich I.L., Rukhadze A.A., Tarakanov V.P. Nonlinear behavior of plasma in relativistic PCM 5
Dubinov A.E., Mikheyev K.E., Selemir V.D. A simulation of a plasma-beam vircator 13
Kozlov I.P. Laser beam non-stability in near critical concentration of infomogeneous plasma 17
Sokolov V.F., Sokolova Yu.A., Medvedeva I.A. The investigation of the ion energy distribution at the cathode fall region of glow discharge in argon, nitrogen and oxygen 22
Volosov V.I., Demenev V.V., Steshov A.G., Churkin I.N. Optimization of parameters of SCF ion source 28
Berezina G.P., Onischenko I.N., Us V.S. Impulse plasma chemistry of COx, NOx, SOx 34
Bobrov Yu.K., Korol' N.N., Yourguelenas Yu.V. Front structure and radiation of a streamer discharge 45
Shuaibov A.K., Shimon L.L., Shevera I.V., Dashchenko A.I. Fixed source uv-vuv of radiation with pumping by longitudinal discharge 51
Vasin V.A. Controlled destruction of ceramics with local microwave discharge 56

Electron and ion beams
Bondar Yu.F., Mkheidze G.P. Relativistic electron beam transportation in xenon 62

Arakelov G.A., Magnushevskiy V.R., Sivenkova V.N., Troitskiy I.M., Kazantsev G.A. Multi- area photodetector with thermoelectric cooler 69
Klimanov E.A., Neverov E.S., Popovyan G.E., Troshkin U.S., Filatov A.V., Baloev V.A. Multichannel highly sensitive photodetective assemblies on the basis of CdHgTe photoresistors 76
Abramian Yu.A., Serago V.I., Stafeev V.I. Analysis of Pb-Sn-Te p-n junction FET photosensitivity 80
Vigdorovich V.N., Karimbekov M.A. Film material and structure modification concepts for thermoelectric transformers 83
Gavrin Ye.A., Dengin V.G., Ermakov V.M., Ilyin V.M. Autonomous field air generator for refilling the bottle-type joule-thomson microcryogenic systems 93

Optics and optical materials
Edelshtein Yu.G..98
Andreev Yu.M., Geiko L.G., Geiko P.P., Badikov V.V., Grechim S.G. Optical properties on new nonlinear AgGaGeS4 crystal 102
Sviridov A.N. Calculation of thermal contrasts and potentials of the infrared images in 3-5 mm and 8-14 mm spectral ranges at the availability of counterradiation of the environment and without it 109

Measuring, detecting and visualizing technique
Semkin N.D., Pijakov I.V., Voronov K.E., Pomelnikov R.A. Procpects for the development time-of-flight of mass analysers for the analysis of gas and dust fragments 124
Goreva N.Z., Koschavtsev N.F., Leleikin V.I., Teplov V.I. Portable thermal direction finder 124
Goreva N.Z., Koschavtsev N.F., Leleikin V.I., Teplov V.I., Fedotova S.F. The hand-held thermal imager for civil purposes 144

Physics of strength and fracture of materials
Kuleev V.G., Dubov A.A., Lopatin V.V. Calculated justification of origin of dissipation normal field zero lines in bands of stress concentration on a surface of a steel tube at its elastic curving in a feeble exterior magnetic field. 148
Miklashevich I.A. Stability of propagation and influence of a material inhomogenity on the trajectory of a crack 163

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