No. 5 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2008



Gorbunov M. A., Lebedev A. N. On limits of iduced radiation concept in FELs   5
Nemirovsky Yu. V., Yankovsky A. P. Modelling of pro-cesses of heat conductivity in the orthogonal reinforced hybrid composites with disperse hardening binding   10
Rokhman B. B. The mathematical description of rotary movement of a disperse phase in the turbulent axial-symmetric biphase stream in view of interpartial interaction   17
Ivanov E. V., Malashin M. V., Moshkhunov S. I., Khomich V. Yu., Gryaznov O. V. Pumping source for the eximer laser based on high voltage solid-state switch   32


Dolgov A. N., Savelov A. S., Salakhutdinov G. Kh Application of a spectrometer complex of equipment for x-ray diagnostics of plasma of pulse installations   35
Maximov A. I., Khlyustova A. V., Khorev M. S. The study of correlation between radiation of the glow discharge and sputtered solution components flow   40
Gainullin R. N., Kirpichnikov A. P. The method of diagnostics of plasma of high-frequency inductive   44


Mkheidze G. P., Savin A. A. Formation and application of the pulse high-current electron beams. Part III. Processes in the beam plasma   50
Pashentsev V. N. Cherenkov detector of g-radiation for high power proton beam current measurements   66
Syrovoy V. A. New solutions for non-relativistic stationary electron and electron-ion flows with axial symmetry   69
Philippov A. V., Shirkov G. D., Consoli F., Gammino S., Ciavola G., Celona L., Barbarino S. Development of the balance equations model for calculation of ion charge-state distribution in ECR ion sources   72
Kovalsky G. A. About focal properties of the electron cylinder restricted in an axial direction   79
Shishanin.O. E. Asymptotic method for simulation of particle dynamics in periodic magnetic systems   82
Ovsyannikova L. P., Fishkova T. Ya. Electrostatic energy filter with double focusing   86
Zhuravleva V. D., Rogovin V. I., Rogovin I. V. Optimization of multistage depressed collectors of arbitrary configuration   89


Grushko N. S., Lakalin A. V., Solonin A. P. Current transfer in light-emitting diodes on the basis of the InGaN/GaN heterostructure   94
Andronov А. A., Nozdrin Yu. N., Okomel’kov A. V., Babenko A. A., Varavin V. S., Ikusov D. G., Smirnov R. N. Stimulated and spontaneous emission from optically pumped CdxHg1-xTe films on GaAs and Si substrates   98
Abdinov A. Sh., Dzhafarov M. A., Nasirov E. F., Mamedova S. A. Functionalities of the CdSe1-xTex films in the IR area   103
Abdinov D. Sh., Askerov К. А., Gadzhieva V. I., Bektashi M. G. Radiation-resistant photodetectors for the 0.35—1.1 mm area   106
Askerov К. А., Gadzhieva V. I., Abdinov D. Sh. Influence of ionizing radiations on photodiodes with thermoelectric cooler on the basis of indium selenide   109
Grushko N. S., Khairulina A. S. Parameters of recombination centers for the InGaN/AlGaN/GaN structures with a phosphor surface   112


Toreev A. I., Fedorov V. K. Milimeter-wave extended interaction amplifier klystron   117
Balachov I. V., Kostin A. B., Slavnov Yu. R., Kreopalov V. I., Kulikov Yu. V. Computer analysis characteristics of electron-optical systems of wide-fram streak tube with electrostatic focusing and fast sweep-time   121
Zhidkov P. M., Krasotkin V. S., Prokofev V. V., Boroshnev A. V., Kuzmina I. V. Imitating model of signals for looking and scanning optic-electronic device   124

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