No. 6 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2008



Cherevko A. G. The fluctuation approach for the estimation of the surface tension of simple substances near to boiling point   7
Khavroshkin O. B. Pulse analogues of cavitational systems   13
Shestakov S. D. Research of an opportunity of nonparametric strengthening the multivesicular cavitation   18


XXXV-th Zvenigorod conference on plasma physics and controllable thermonuclear fusion (February 11—15, 2008)

Grishina I. A., Ivanov V. A., Kovrizhnyh L. M. Actual problems and new scientific results of the researches on plasma physics and сontrolled nuclear fusion in Russia in 2007   25
Sergeichev K. F., Lukina N. A., Bolshakov A. P., Ralchenko V. G., Arutiunian N. R., Bokova S. N., Konov V. I. Diamond films deposition under microwave plasma torch action at standard atmospheric pressure   39
Baksht F. G., Lapshin V. F. The modelling of pulse high pressure cesium discharge in two-temperature approximation   43
Voronov G. S., Akulina D. K., Batanov G. M., Berezhetsky M. S., Vasilkov D. G., Vafin I. J., Voronova E. V., Gladkov G. A., Grebenshchikov S. E., Grishin I. A., Kolik L. V., Larionov N. F., Letunov A. A., Logvinenko V. P., Meshcheryakov A. I., Nechaev J. I., Petrov A. E., Sarksyan K. A., Skvortsova N. N., Fedyanin O. I., Kharchev N. K., Kholnov J. V., Shchepetov S. V. Research of transition in a condition of plasma keeping with a marginal transport barrier at electron-cyclotron heating in the L-2M stellarator   48
Meshcheryakov A. I., Berezhetskiy M. S., Morozov A. E., Nechaev Yu. I. Ion cyclotron resonance heating of a hydrogen plasma in the L-2M stellarator   53
Ivanov V. A., Konyzhev М. Е., Satunin S. N., Dorofeyuk A. A., Kamolova T. I., Kuksenova L. I., Lapteva V. G. Hardening a surface layer of constructional steel samples by microplasma discharges   62
Ravaev A. A., Alfeev E. B., Esakov I. I., Pan E. G., Khomenko A. I., Bogdanov A. G., Ivanov V. A. Formation of an interface layer on boundary of leucite glassceramics and Ni-Cr-, Co-Cr- alloys at sintering in strong electromagnetic fields   69
Yusupaliev U. oltage of the static electric gas breakdown in free electrons presence into a discharge interval   79
Lamazhapov H. D., Rybakov D. A. Percolation model of avalanche-streamer breakdown   83
Bogdankevich I. L., Ivanov I. E., Rukhadze A. A., Strelkov P. S., Tarakanov V. P. he possibility of using the normal Doppler effect in the plasma relativistic microwave amplifier with the frequency band 2—3 GHz   88
Balmashnov А. А., Kalashnikov А. V. ECR-plasma sources based on coaxial resonators with helical wave structure   93
Bizyukov O. A., Sereda K. N., Sleptsov V. V. Limiting current of magnetron discharge increasing using magnetic insulation of sectioned anode   96
Galiaoutdinov A. R., Galiaoutdinov R. T., Kashapov N. F. Nanostructured films obtained by low-temperature plasma   101
Velikodniy V. Yu., Berkova M. D., Vorotilin V. P., Grishin V. G., Krychenko O. V., Popov V. V., Polotnyuk O. Ya., Rychagov E. N., Bykov A. A., Dobryneths Yu. V., Tolkunov B. N. Plasma technology of purification of sewage water   105
Velikodnjy V. Yu. Vorotilin V. P. Theory of chemical reactions with a thermal emission in turbulent jets with reference to the description of a plasma reactor work   111
Fedorov M. V., Neganov I. I., Yakovlev M. A. Picosecond commutation device project relying upon the effect of border electron layer ejection from metal target when illuminated by power laser pulses   118


Mkheidze G. P., Savin A. A. Formation and application of the pulse high-current electron beams. Part IV. Transportation of a beam   122
Juravleva V. D., Semenov S. O. Calculation of axial motion energy for high perveance beams   134


Arakelov G. A., Bochkov V. D., Drajnikov B. N., Kazarova J. A., Kuznetsov P. A. 256-channel photodetector arrays on the lead chalcogenides base   138
Zakhgeim A. L., Zotova N. V., Il’inskaya N. D., Karandashev S. A., Matveev B. A., Remennyi M. A., Stus N. M., Usikova A. A., Chernyakov A. E. IR-images of InAsSbP flip-chip LEDs in the 3 mm spectral range   143


Akimov P. I., Kozirev D. V., Senatov O. I., Terentiev D. A., Sergeev V. I., Sergeev K. L. Magnetic system characteristics may determine the design of high power magnetrons intended for use in a mobile microwave power source   149

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