(Applied Physics)

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2012, No. 6 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Silin V. P. Landau damping of plasma waves  5
Naumov N. D., Rudenko V. V. The effect of a disturbed ionospheric region on the propagation of high-frequency radio signals   10
Apeximov D. V , Bukin O. A., Bykova E. E., Geints Yu. E., Golik S. S., Zemlyanov A. A., Ilyin A. A., Kabanov A. M., Matvienko G. G., Oshlakov V. K., Petrov A. V., Sokolova E. B. Filamentation of a focused Ti:Sapphire-laser pulse at two harmonics in air   14
Alisultanov Z. Z. The electronic states of the system "epitaxial graphene — low dimensional structure"   23
Gadzhiev T. T., Nagovitsyn I. A., Chudinova G. K. Photovoltaic and optical properties of composite films of 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrin and graphene   29
Amosov V. N., Meshchaninov S. A., Nemtsev G. E., Rodionov N. B., Rodionov R. N., Terent’ev S. V. Studying of thermoluminescense impurity centers and structure defects of synthetic diamonds   34
Polyakov А. N., Noltemeyr M., Hempel T., Christen J., Stepovich M. A. Estimation of values of electrophysical parameters of semiconductor materials by results of measurements of excitons cathodoluminescence   41
Volpian O. D. Optical coatings with longitudinal gradient of refraction index and vacuum-plasma technology of their obtaining   47


(Materials of the XXXVIII International (Zvenigorod) Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, February, 2012)

Grishina I. A., Ivanov V. A., Kovrizhnych L. M. New results from applied and basic research in plasma physics and controlled fusion in Russia in 2011   60
Batanov G. M., Belousov V. I., Bondar Yu. F., Borzosekov V. D., Vasilkov D. G., Grebenshchikov S. E., Ivannikov I. A., Kolik L. V., Konchekov E. M., Malakhov D. V., Matveev N. V., Meshcheryakov A. I., Petrov A. E., Sarkcyan K. A., Skvortsova N. N., Stepakhin V. D., Kharchev N. K., Kholnov Yu. V., Tayi E. M. New gyrotron complex "MIG-3" for plasma creating and heating in the L-2M stellarator and first experimental results   79
Balmashnov A. A., Kalashnikov A. V., Kalashnikov V. V., Stepina S. P., Umnov A. M. Generation of the 2.45 GHz pulsating electric field in the CERA-RX(C) source and its influence on X-ray generation efficiency   88
Lebedev N. V., Naumov N. D., Rudenko V. V. Modeling of the heating the lower-ionosphere by modulated high-frequency radiation   92
Sakharov A. S., Ivanov V. A., Konyzhev M. E. Multipactor discharge on a dielectric for different inclination angles of the microwave field with respect to the dielectric surface   99
German V. O., Glinov A. P., Golovin A. P., Kozlov P. V., Lyubimov G. A. Some visualisation features of processes in stretched ARC discharge in the free air aerosphere   108
Andreev V. V., Vasilyeva L. A. Investigation of the surface barrier discharge generated by the electrodes in the form of a series of parallel metal strips   116
Sergeichev K. F., Ionidi V. Yu., Karfidov D. M., Lukina N. A. Waveguide ECR source for the low doze X-ray introscopy   123
Ivanov V. A., Konyzhev M. E., Zimin A. M., Troinov V. I., Kamolova T. I., Letunov A. A. Determination of an electron temperature of microplasma discharges excited on the titanium surface   133


Batyrev N. I., Klimanov E. A., Liseykin V. P., Nadrov D. R., Sednev M. V. Creation of indium microcontacts by dint of the FPN-20-ISO photoresist in a big integrated circuit reading a photosignal   142


Kaganov V. I. Formation of powerful nanosecond impulses by means of high-frequency generators of continuous action  145
Esman A. K., Kuleshov V. K., Zykov G. L., Zalesski V. B. Submillimeter radiation receiver on the basis of the open microresonance structures  150
Lopatkin S. V., Vlasov V. V., Danilov A. G., Danilov B. G., Kruchinin M. A. Influence of some texture characteristics of cobaltous oxide on electrophysical properties of zinc oxide varistors  154

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