N 4, 1997


Aleksandrov A.F.,Mikheev V.V.,Sergienko V.Yu.,Kuznetsov A.M. Experimental researches of a two-section microwave frequency multiplier of a Cerenkov type on a relativistic electron beam.

Golovashkin A.I.,Levehenko I.S., Shukurov Ch., Baikov A.I. Researches of fluctuation contribution to IV curves for single crystal YBa2Cu3O7-X near Tc.

Sinchenko A.A.,Rudnev I.A.,Khodot A.E., Akirnov I.I. Investigation of spatial uniformity of the transport properties in the HTSC composites.

Nikitin A.V. Resolution of the optical systems and problem of rendering of the minimal features.

Epishkin Y.A., Mishin G.S., Pugachev V.P., Sokolov Y.A., Sukhnev V.A., Kravtsov N.V., Naurnkin N.I., Firsov V.V. Investigation of the interaction laser radiation and atmospheric oxygen for the physical simulation of the Earth ozone belt recovery.

Saenko V.A. Intensive stationary electrical discharge with an electrode vaporizing uniformly in vacuum.

Belavin V.A., Naurnov A.A., Ruseva O.G., Ilyin V.A., Kalantarov M.L. The experimental studies of the microwave radiation of jet engine's flame torch.

Murzakhanov G.H. Application of fracture mechanics criterion for residual resource estimation of trunk.

ZuevI.V.,Goreva O.Y., Choi K.Y.,Galkin A.G. Power engineering of connecting two condensed environments.

Korabelnikov A.V., Kuranov A.L., Metalnikov V.M., Turchak A.A., Frishtadt V.L. The calculation of thermal protection elements of a hypersonic flying apparatus.

Fedotov V.D. Excitation of 3-dimensinal localized stratures of deep water surface waves by moving vibrator.

Zeienev Yu.V., Shiensky O.F., Jevieva N.M., Recus G.G. Temperature limitation in thermodynamics and thermal physics of condensed systems.


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