No. 2, 1998


Filachev A. M. The third All-Russian seminar “Problems of theoretical and applied electron optics”

Filachev A. M., Andreev S.V., Beluga I. Sh., Gaidukova I.S., Monastyrsky M. A., Murav`ev A.G., Tarasov V.A. Development on computation techniques and applied program package for electron beam technological units modeling.

Drobot V. G., Monastyrski M. A. Research of structural kinetics of substance by a method of ultrafast electron diffraction.

Monastyrski M. A., Murav`ev A.G., Tarasov V.A. Numerical iterative solution of the self-consistent problem for electron guns in the near-cathode region.

Degtyareva V.P., Monastyrski M. A., Tarasov V.A. , Schelev M. Ya. Dynamics of Macroscopic one-electron wave packets.

Bykov Turin V. O. New type of a wave packet. - generalization of the oscillator coherent state.

Kulikov Yu.V. Analysis of some effects in the femtosecond streak tube by computer simulation.

Eremin A. P., Smolyaninov V.D., Filachev A. M. Ion-plasma technology of manufacturing of optical elements on substrates from polymeric materials.

Grishina T. A. Electron microscopy as a tool for the fundamental physical problems deciding. 2.The elementary charges interaction.

Vasichev B. N., Rybakov J.L. Heuristic influence models of weak variable magnetic field on condensed systems and medical or biological objects.

Filachev A. M., Fuks B. I., Grinfeld D. E. Examination of electric charge vanishing from insulator surface while its electron beam processing.

Baikov I. S., Kruglov V. S., Shirshov L. S. The basic directions of researches & development in applied high-current superconductivity (highlights of the school on superconductivity, May 24—29, 1998, base “Kurchatovets”, Protvino, Russia)

Epischkin Ju.A., Mishin T.S., Pougatchov V.P., Sokolov Yu.A., Suhnev V.A. Research of influence of pressure on interaction of laser radiation with air with modeling process of ozone layer restoration.