No. 1, 2000

Yusupaliyev U., Maslov A.K., Shuteyev S.A. Release of latent heat as a mechanism of the self-maintenance of gas vortex flow. 5
Ardelyan N.V., Chuvashev S.N. Mathematical modeling of shock free regimes of supersonic flow over a body with a special gas heating. 11
Golovashkin A.I., Kuznetchov G.I., Shelehov A.L. Automatic modulating installation for obtaining of optical spectra. 16
V.P.Astakhov, D.A. Gindin, V.V.Karpov, N.V.Kumetsov, I.G.Sakharova, I.S.Smirnov, G.G.Solovjov, K.V. Sorokin. About reasons of silicon pin-photodiodes VAC changing at proton bombardment. 30
Bushma V.0. Power supply for are welding in a slot hole. 37
Astaikin A.I., Profe V.B., Trotsuk K.V., Martynov A.P. Transformation of spectral characteristics of broadband signals influence by vibrator antenna. 45
Astaikin A.I., Profe V.B., Trotsuk K.V., Martynov A.P. Generation conditions RF waves in system "electron beam - helix distributed resonator". 49
Astaikin A.I., Kurochkin A.A., Martynov A.P., Profe V.B. Optimization of guard methods of high-end technologies from unauthorized access. 55
Novikov V.U., Yundunov V.V. Multifractal parameterization of spectra of internal friction of polymers. 59
Novikov V.U., Buryan 0. Yu. Modeling of interface in anisotropy composites. 67
Ershov S.N., Benushis T.I., Bovina L.A., Stafeev V.I. Defects and impurities in MCT epitaxial layers grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. 79
Benushis T.I., Ershov S.N., Bovina L.A.,Stafeev V.I. Influence of structure of gas atmosphere and RF-power on properties of epitaxial layers grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. 82
Karnilovich S.P., Milantiev V.P. About the probable mechanism of acceleration of charged particles on beatings of microwaves. 87
Turikov V.A., Ulianitski I.V. Instability in the limited plasma system with relative movement of electrons and ions. 94
Marinkovich B., Vulich M., Morozov N.F., Grujic M., Kijako V.I., Chetverikov A.G. Perspective ways of using physical factors for activation of sprouting of seeds and plants.98

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