Applied physics, No. 6, 2000

Boroshnev A.V., Kovtonyuk N.F. Spatial-light modulators on the base of metal- dielectric-semiconductor-liquid crystal strictures. 5
Kerget I.V., Korneychik V.L., Kudryashov A.A. Infrared dual magnification telescope using diffractive optics. 11
Soltanovich O.A., Yakimov E.B., Yarykin N.A. Metastable behavior of current-voltage characteristics of p-n junctions formed on CdHgTe. 14
Matiouchenko V.G., Strakhov V.V., Zhirkov A.O. Geometric calibration television measuring systems with solid-state photo detectors. 19
Gromov E.A., Yermakov V.M., Gavrin Ye.A., Kochurin A.V. Some development problems of the bottle-type, quick-acting cryogenic systems. 25
Afanasjev A.V., Odnosevteev V.A., Orlov I.J. Multiple-channel IR acquisition and communication system. 29
Kokhanenko A.P., Korotaev A.G., Voitsekhovskii A.V. Radiation defect profiles in MCT for various ion implantation conditions. 38
Kokhanenko A.P., Korotaev A.G., Voitsekhovskii A.V. Formation of boron heavily doped nanolayer in silicon by powerful ion irradiation. 45
Voitsekhovskii A.V., Nesmelov S.N., Kulchinskii N.A. Photoelectric characteristics of inhomogeneous MIS-structures in base of Si, HgCdTe. 50
Abdinov A.Sh., Jafarov M.A., Babayeva R.F., Nasirov E.F., Mamedov H.M. Photoconductivity of Cd1-xZnxSe films, deposited from solution. 56
Abdinov A.Sh., Jafarov M.A., Mechtiyev N.M., Nasirov E.F., Mamedov H.M. Photodetectors of IR radiation on the base CdS1-xSex films, deposited from solution. 63
Jafarov M.A. Photoreceivers of IR radiation on the basis of CdSe:Cu films, deposited from solution. 68
Gasanov I.S. Source of intense beam of ions low energy. 73
Tagiyev M.M. High-temperature magnetothermoelectrical extruded material on the basis of Bi85Sb15 solid solution. 77
Djafarov M.A., Aliyeva T.D., Abdinov D.Sh. Thermoelectric efficiency of the extruded samples of Bi0,5Sb1,5Te3 and Bi2Te2,7Se0,3 solid solutions with different grain size. 82
Bagieyva G.Z., Mustafayev N.B., Abdinov D.Sh. Surfase conductivity and bulk themoelectric properties of themoelements on the basis ofextruded samples of Bi0,5Sb1,5Te3 and Bi2Te2,7Se0,3 solid solutions. 86
Salaev E.Yu., Nuriev H.R., Jalilova Kh.D., Faradjev N.V. Optical properties of Pb1-xSnxSe epitaxial films. 91
Demyanenko M.A., Marchishin I.V., Klimenko A.G., Kozlov A.I., Ovsyuk V.N., Savchenko A.P., Toporov A.I., Shashin V.V. Focal plane infrared photodetectors array on MQW GaAs/AlGaAs. 94
Slobodchikov S.V., Salikhow Kh.M., Russu E.V. The semiconductor photodetectors with palladium contact as detectors of the hydrogen and hydrogen-containing gases. 100
Blank T.V., Goldberg Yu.A., Konstantinov O.V., Obolensky O.I., Posse O.A. Temperature stabilityof the m-s and p-n photodetectors based on GaAs, GaP, Si. 106
Kharitonov A.S. Search of steady development regularities of composite systems. 113

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