Applied Physics
No. 1, 2002

General physics
Pokhmelnykh L.A. Analytical expression for calculation of ionization potentials of the periodic system elements 5
Pokhmelnykh L.A. Electrostatics and gravitation as different manifestations of stable elemental particles general interaction 24

Physical installations and instrumentation
Shalnov M.P., Shuvalov V.A., Yakovlev A.A. Optimization of the electromagnetic device parameters32
Antropov N.N., Diakonov G.A., Pokryshkin A.I., Popov G.A., Kazeev M.N., Khodnenko V.P. Pulsed plasma thrusters for spacecraft attitude and orbit control system 37

Astakhov V.P., Bolesov I.A., Gindin D.A., Karpov V.V., Sorokin K.V. About influence of surface and contact effects on volt-ampear characteristics photodiodes on n-type silicon 48
Astakhov V.P., Gindin D.A., Karpov V.V., Talimov A.V. Rise of thermal stability of the InSb photodiodes 56
Bakumenko V.L., Sviridov A.N., Taubkin I.I. The analysis of ultimate abilities of ideal thermal imagers at observation of "point" emitters 63
Orlov S.V., Vinetsky Yu.R. Software for simulation of image conversion in IR TDI systems and optimizing TDI focal plane arrays 71
Reva V.P., Sizov F.F. Problems of designing and producing readout circuits for IR- photodiodes 82
Goreva N.Z., Koschavtsev N.F., Leleikin V.I., Fedotova S.F. The device for control of thermal fields with temperature measurement 100
Borisov V.K., Demidov S.S., Kuznetsov P.A., Klimanov E.A., Lebedev V.V., Saginov L.D., Khromov S.S., Cshukin S.V. Development of the high-frequency differential amplifier for application in photoreceiving devices on the basis of silicon pin-photodiodes 103
Borisov V.K., Burlakov I.D., Zaslavsky A.V., Demidov S.S., Kuznetsov P.A., Klimanov E.A., Khomjakov L.P., Khromov S.S. Low-noise differential amplifier for local-plane CdHgTe photoresistor array 105
Efimova Z.N., Zaslavsky A.V., Kuznetsov P.A., Popov E.A., Klimanov E.A., Timofeev A.A., Khomjakov L.P. A series of the low-noise hybrid IC for multichannel photoreceiving devices on the basis of the CdHgTe photoresistors 107
Sokolovsky B.S., Pysarevsky V.K. Analytical calculation of dark voltage-current characteristics of double layer heterojunction photodiode 111
Astakhov V.P., Tulovchikov V.S., Perevoschikov V.A., Zharkov E.S., Rezvov A.V., Murel A.V. Material-science features of creation of ion-planar structures on InSb monocrystals 118

Measuring and detecting technique
Matvienko G.G., Ptashnik I.V., Romanovsky O.A., Kharchenko O.V., Shamanaev V.S. Applicability of the DF-laser for detection of aerosolic-and-gaseous ejections 129
Stevich Z., Raichich-Vuyasinovich M., Stankovich Z.D. The device for measuring the critical temperature of high-temperature superconductors 137
Lotoshnikov U.M., Juravleva U.N. The flying tests of rockets and aircraft spectroenergetic infra-red radiation characteristics 142

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