Applied Physics
No. 5, 2001

Akimov P.I., Perevodchikov V.I. Principles of a construction and numerical projection of electron-optical systems of powerful commuting devices6
Akimov P.I. The secondary emission calculation at the numerical analysis of electron-beam devices22
Varivodov V.N. The elecrtical strenght of mold epoxy insulation in quasi-elecrtical fields
Varivodov V.N. The features of permitted elecrtical field stresses in SF6  insulation of  EHV and UHV apparatus34
Lepekhin N.M., Priseko Y.S., Philippov V.G. Nanosecond pulse generator for excitation copper vapor lasers40
Miroshnichenko V.P.,  Perunov A.A., Filippov V.G. The GTM-200 generator of  lightning currents with a four-component current pulse46
Almazov V.A., Zelenov V.E., Miroshnichenko V.P., Perunov A.A., Filippov V.G. Protection of an elecrtical equipment  from  over-voltages54
Perevodchikov V.I., Borovikov  P.V., Gusev S.I., Zavyalov N.A.,   Konkin V.A., Kuznetsov Yu.A., Martinov V F., Shapiro A.L., Tjurjukanov P.M. High power wide-bandwidth  beam-plasma microwave amplifiers 57
Evseev Yu.A. The theory of  the simistor62
Burtsev E.F. Capacitance currents in power electronics devices and  apparatus 69
Almazov V.A., Gruzdev A.I., Komarov A.N., Koposova Z.I., Lucareva L.A., Marcova L.N.  Posistors for the current limiters74
Torsin Yu.V. Experimantal invertigations of the leader in compressed SF677
Ermilov L.V. Modern impulse high-voltage capactors with the film dielecric88
Perevodchikov V.I., Matveev N.V., Stuchenkov V.M., Shapenko V.N. Features of high-voltage swiching devices on the basis of electron beam valves97

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