Applied Physics

N 2-3, 1997


Filachev A. M. The second All-Russia seminar "Problems of theoretical and applied electronic optics"

Vasichev B. N., Filachev A. M., Chernova-Stoljarova E. E. Particularities of supersonic motion in water and atmosphere of bunches of charged particles and solid bodies

Eremin A. P., Smoljaninov V. D., Filachev A. M. Ion sources for technological ion-plasma equipment

Grinfeld D. E., Filachev A. M., Fuks B. I. Research charge of dielectrics with their pulse processing by an electronic beam

Eremin A. P., Smoljaninov V. D., Constantinov V. V., Filachev A. M. A high-efficiency technological line for deposition of thin-film coatings for issue of heat-proof glass and flat highly information colour screens

Belova N. G., Fedirko V. A. Numerical simulation of electron transport in a cylindrical microvacuum cell with circular field emitter

Vashkovsky A. V., Zavjalov M. A., Syrovoy V. A. Beam-formation electrodes for electron-ion space-charge-flow with almost rectangular cross-section

Syrovoy V. A. Results and problems of relativistic electron beam geometrized theory

Syrovoy V. A. Theory of multi-beam electron-optical system

Beluga I. Sh. Computation of deflection system of meander type

Beluga I. Sh., Sokolova I. M. A program for the calculation of an electron-optic system taking into account initial velocities of electrons

Vasichev B. N., Balashov V. N., Rybakov J. L., Filachev A. M. Expecially mini-doze small-angl thomograph system having an electron-beam X-ray program numerous sources

Rosenfeld L. B., Filachev A. M. Some problems of constructing beam modulation systems for techological electron beam milling divicees

Drobot V. G., Monastyrsky M. A., Schelev M. Ya. Numerical modeling of nonrelativistic electron beams in non-stationary electromagnetic fields based on aberration theory

Ivanov V. Ya. A new approach to simulation the interaction charged-particle beam with electromagnetic field and plasma

Vasichev B. N., Zotova M. O. Analysis of acting errors of approximation of distribution of axis field of the magnetic electronic lenses with the help of analytical function on calculation of electronic lens aberration

Ivanov V. I. Ion hashing in diffusion welding

Ivanov V. I. Radiating modification of mechanical properties of metals

Grishina T. A. Electron microscopy as a tool for the fundamental physical problems deciding. Arising of the electron wave, electromagnetic and inertial properties

Macarova I. S. The software for computation of main optical features of electron-optic system with combined in the space electrostatic and magnetic lenses with axial symmetry

Vasichev B. N., Rosenfeld L. B., Mikhaltsov E. P. Wide-angle optics: the applied program package for electron- and ion-beam axial symmetric systems containing the non-paraxial wide-angle and immersion optics for combined electrical and magnetic fields&

Balashov V. N. Magnetic electron beam lens with the synthesizic field

Vasichev B. N., Mikhaltsov E. P., Rosenfeld L. B. Electron-beam confocal systems

Grishina T. A., Grishina V. Yu. Evolution of the view-points about image contrast in transmission electron microscopy

Smirnov U. S., Grishina T. A., Makarova I. S. The possiblities of high-voltage microscope SVEM-l for research of "thick" objects

Akimov P. I. The eleboration and experimental researches of the new type collector systems for the electron beam devices with the electron energy recuperation

Akimov P. I. The problems of creation the systems of deep deceleration of intensive electron beams


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