No. 3 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2006



Rokhman B. B. On transfer equations for the correlation moments of velocities fluctuations of the disperse phase on stabilized part of the axially symmetrical two phase stream. Part II. Equations for the third correlation monents. Numerical results   5
Vanchikov V. C. Hydrodynamics of covering phenomenas in system of the automation   13
Sukhnev V. A. Experimental examination of radiation heat exchange between bodies  16
Antonov I. N., Pivovarov A. V., Ovchinnikova G. A. The differential equations with periodic coefficients in the microwave electrodynamics   21


The Seven’th All-Russian Seminar “Problems of Theoretical and Applied Electron and Ion Optics”

Filachev A. M. The Seventh All-Russian Seminar “Problems of Theoretical and Applied Electron and Ion Optics”   25
Boltushkin E. V., Bykovsky V. F., Kobets A. G., Korotaev Yu. V., Lokhmatov V. I., Malakhov V. N., Meshkov I. N., Pivin R. V., Rudakov A. Yu., Selez- nev I. A., Sidorin A. O., Smirnov A. V., Trubnikov G. V., Yakovenko S. L. Dynamics of charged particles in a magnetic field of the stellatron type   27
Kozlov A. N., Gaidoukova I. S., Uvaev A. G., Scherbakov A. B., Filachev A. M. Vacuum technological equipment for microphotoelectronic production  32
Kozlov A. N., Greenfield D. E., Scherbakov A. V., Filachev A. M. Automated control of technological parameters of vacuum equipment to guarantee unbreakable quality check  38
Kozlov A. N., Zaitsev A. I., Danilovskiy A. E., Filachev A. M. Design of cold-cathode ion sources for precise electron-beam processing of the semiconductor structures   45
Sveshnikov V. M. About calculation of intensive charged particle by the iterative method on subdomains without intersection   49
Greenfield D. E. Finite-element simulation of thermoemission electron guns   57
Greenfield D. E., Monastyrskiy M. A., Tarasov V. A. Perturbation techniques in the problems of computational charged particle optics   64
Kagan N. B., Liberova G. V., Yakunin S. N. Bridge structure control microbolometer array using electron probe   75
Golikov Yu. K., Krasnova N. K., Solovyev K. V., Elokhin V. A., Nikolayev V. I. Stability zones of quadrupole mass srectrometer in longitudinal magnetic field   78
Belkin V. M., Zavjalov M. A., Syvoroy V. A., Chikchachev A. S. Adequacy of spherical diode theory   80
Borovikov P. V., Grigoriev V. Yu. Simulation of plasma-filled TWT characteristics   84
Ovsyannikova L. P., Fishkova T. Ya., Surkov V. A. Drawing out system of an ion source with beam deflection to an input of single-pole mass-analyzer 88   88
Goev A. I., Poletov V. V., Privalenko V. N., Senik B. N., Tikhonravov A. V., Cherednichenco O. B. Problematic matters of adaptation of technological vacuum equipment for setting current and promising tasks when making optical components   92
Bogomolova L. D., Nemov A. S., Borodulina N. V., Borisov A. M., Kozlov D. A., Tsyganov D. I. Study of carbon films, received with the help of a vacuum — arc ion source with the graphitic cathode 94   94
Zhuravleva V. D., Semenov S. O. Complex of codes for 3D electron-optic systems calculation   97
Borisov S. S., Grachev E. A., Bloshenko A., Misyutina T., Zayitsev S. I. Definition of parameters of subsurface structures for a sample through an energy distribution of secondary electrons   102
Larionov A. V. Confined flow multiple beam shaping at the powerful klystron for the semiconductive linear electron-positron colliders   105
Arhipov D. A., Ilyina E. M., Kudryashov V. P., Rogosin V. I., Usov V. N. High-perveance electron guns for powerful broadband low-voltage grid-controlled TWT  109
Melnik I. V. Modelling a geometry of high-voltage glow discharge electrode systems forming the profile electron beams   112
Zaitsev N. I., Ilyakov E. V., Kulagin I. S., Manuilov V. N. В. Н. Influence of electrons reflected from magnetic mirror on formation of electron beam in relativistic gyrotron  121
Dreomova N. N. Simple technique for determination of structure and dimensional parameters of layered system  126
Gagarin Yu. E., Khomutski V. А., Snachev А. V., Dvoryanchikova Yu. V., Stepovich M. A. About the possibility of interval identification of functional dependences at research of semiconductor materials in a cathodoluminescent microscopy 128  128


Rukhadze A. A. Evidences of Great Ferma Theorem Using the Methods of Elementary Mathematics  133

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