No. 1 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2004



The Sixth All-Russian Seminar “Problems of Theoretical and
Applied Electron and Ion Optics”
Filachev A.M. Problems of Theoretical and Applied Electron and Ion Optics   5
Bykovsky V.F., Meshkov I.N., Selesnev I.A., Syresin E.M. Experiments with electron beam injection in ionosphere plasma and rare gas   7
Il’in V.P. Parallel algorithms of modeling the high current EOS 14
Andreev S.V., Monastyrsky M.A., Tarasov V.A., Schlev M.Ya., Greenfield D.E. Formation of sub-femtosecond photoelectron bunches in time-dependent electric fields   20
Greenfield D.E., Monastyrsky M.A., Tarasov V.A. . A grid photocathode free of the first-order temporal chromatic aberration  32
Bublyaev R.A., Galeev G.A., Baranova L.A. Studying focusing and space-time features of the new type 3-d electrostatic lenses   39
Ovcyannikova L.P., Fishkova T.Ya Influence of cylindrical pole sizes to parameters of high-dispersion mass-analyzer with in-homogeneous field   42
Golikov Yu.K., Krasnova N.K., Solovjev K.V., Grigorjev D.V. On analytical relation between axisymmetric and two-dimension Laplace’s fields   48
Sveshnikov V.M. Calculation of cathode area in electron-optical systems forming the intensive beams of charged particles   50
Sveshnikov V.M. Increasing of the accuracy of the intensive charged particle beams calculation   55
Petrovich O.N., Stekolnikov A.F. Simulation of influence of the electrode structure parameters and emitting plasma parameters on the characteristics of narrow electron beam  65
BimurzaevS.B.,Yakushev E.M. Method of a parametrization for the precise electron trajectories   73
Eremin A.P., Smolyaninov V.D., Kozlov A.N., Uvaev A.G., Filachev A.M. Electron-ion-plasma production equipment for manufacture of workpieces of microphotoelectronics and precise machine industry  77
Kryuchkov V.G., Potelov V.V., Senik D.N. Vacuum aspherization of high-precise optical elements of IR facilities   85
Borisov A.M., Borodulina N.V., Krit B.I., Tikhonov S.A. Speciality of ion implantation use vacuum-arc ion source  89
Fatyanova G.I., Kulikov Yu.V.,Vasichev B.N. Forming the light-section 100-eV electron beams in a raster-type electron microscope  93
Perevodchikov V.I., Shapenko V.N., Stalkov P.M., Murashov A.S. Development of electron gates with diminished mass-dimensional parameters   97
Krivosheev P.V., Manuilov V.N. Influence of electric field allocation in the area of an electrostatic mirror on bombardment of the cathode by reflected electrons in gyrotrons  101
Balebanov V.M., Erokhin N.S., Mikhailovskaya L.A. Energy spectrum estimates for the ion-electron emission in the radioisotope battery  105
Gagarin Yu.E., Stepovich M.A. Some possibilities of the use of confluence analisis for an interval parameter estimation of semiconductors in cathodoluminescent microscope   109
Zhukov A.A., Zhukov S.A., Tchetverov Yu.S., Babaevsky P.G., Shapoval S.Yu. Polyimide coatings texture development by ECR-plasma etching   113
Borisov S.S., Grachev E.A., Negulyaev N.N., Cheremukhin E.A., Zaitsev S.I. Modeling the dielectric polarization during an electron beam exposure   118
Golikov Yu.K., Grigorjev D.V., Krasnova N.K., Solovjev K.V. Generalization of the variables separation method in axisymmetric potential theory   124

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