No. 5 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2003



XXX-th Zvenigorod conference on plasma physics and
controllable thermonuclear fusion

Ivanov V.A., Nagaeva M.L. Actual directions and prospects for the development of investigations on plasma physics and controllable thermonuclear fusion  5
Elkina N.V., Levchenko V.D. The magnetic field filament structure generation in laser-interaction  16
Milanttiev V.P., Turikov V.A. Excitation of plasma oscillations by electromagnetic impulse in the electron cyclotron resonance region  24
Krinberg I.A. Origin of enhancement of the ion charge states under imposition of an axial magnetic field on the vacuum arc discharge   28
Artamonov M.F., Krasov V.I., Paperny V.L. Observation of a local area of heated plasma in cathode jet of a vacuum spark  34
Basyrov R.Sh., Kashapov N.F., Luchkin G.S. Model of near-electrode processes in magnetron spray devices  37
Zakharov A.N., Soloviev A.A., Sochugov N.S. Increase of efficiency of cylindrical magnetron sputtering system with a rotating cathode   41
Kuznetsov A.N., Prakhov N.V. Vacuum source with anodic and cathodic regime of discharging   46
Bushmanov E.A., Velikodnyi V.Yu., Vorotilin V.P., Janovskyi Yu.G., Timofeev I.B., Wie Van D. About an opportunity of improving properties of activated porous fuel by using ionasation processes in dielectric cavitator  49
Galiaoutdinov R.T., Kashpov N.F. The optical characteristics of the thin-film coatings, received with the help of the jet plasma high-frequency dicharge of lowered pressure   55
Kanel I.,G. Nosirev A.N., Tsygankov P.A. Computerized diagnostic equipment for ion beam parameters measurements 62
Medvedev E.F., Khristoforov A.I. Prediction of the glass structure of hydrogen microballoons using the silicate modulus   65


Rogalsky A. Toward third generation HgCdTe infrared detectors. Part II   69
Vasilevskaya L.M., Kuznetsov Yu.A., Kulikov V.B., Khatuntsev A.I., Budkin I.V., Bulaev P.V., Zalevsky I.D., Marmalyuk A.A., Nikitin D.B., Padalitsa A.A., Petrovsky A.V. The photoelectric performances of quantum well structures brought up by a method of the MOS-hydride epitaxy and sensitive in the 3-5 mm range  76
Kulikov V.B., Budkin I.V. The photoelectric performances of nonrectangular quantum well structures   79
Kulikov V.B., Vasilevskaya L.M., Avetisyan G.Kh., Tegay V.A., Zavadsky Yu.I., Davydov A.Kh., Zalevsky I.D., Budkin I.V., Borodin D.V. Linear photodetector on the basis of quantum well structures  84
Ovsyuk V.N., Talipov N.Kh. The feature of donor centers distribution in p-type CdxHg1-xTe crystals after low-temperature ion implantation   87
Voisekhovsky A.V., Kokhanenko A.P., Korotaev A.G., Grigor’ev D.V., Varavin V.S., Dvoretsky S.A., Sidorov Yu.G., Talipov N.Kh. Radiation defects disctribution after ion implantation in MCT structures, grown by a MBE   93
Boltar K.O., Yakovleva N.I., Golovin S.V., Ponomarenko V.P., Stafeev V.I., Bourlakov I.D., Moiseev A.N., Kotkov A.P., Dorofeev V.V. 128х128 MWIR FPA on the base of epitaxial layer MCT grown by MOCVD   95
Voisekhovsky A.V., Kokhanenko A.P., Korotaev A.G., Grigor’ev D.V. , Varavin V.S., Dvoretsky S.A., Sidorov Yu.G., Mikhailov N.N. Electron and gamma irradiation of MBE grown MCT films   99
Kostyukov E.V., Pospelova M.A., Rusak T.E., Trounov S.V. Integral gettering processes for new generation photosensitive charge-coupled devices   102
V. P. Astakhov, I. A. Bolesov, E. F. Karpenko, V. V. Karpov, P. I. Lapin, K. V. Sorokin, N. V. Filippenko Results of surface ion processing in production of silicon pin-photodiodes   106


Koshchavsev N.F., Gusarova N.I., Ob’edkova T.G. Two-channel observation device   112
Volkov V.G., Koshchavsev N.F., Leleycin V.I. The transferred device for observing in the all-weather and day/night condition  114
Demin V.V., Kosharnovsky A.N.,Degtyarev E.V. Correction of image geometrical distortions in IR imagers with scanning systems   118
Mamedov R.K. Temperatures dependence of current transport in Shottky diodes under greater reverse voltages   123

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