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Krainov V. P., Sofronov A. V. Radiation recombination at the irradiation of atomic clusters by intense femtosecond laser pulses   5
Hagba G. S. Calculation of a temperature field for the three-layer thermoelectric converter, permeable by gas   9
Sycheva T. M., Cavrilov A. V. Definition of a phase zirconium dioxida on basis thermoluminescence   13


Kuzelev M. V., Rukhadze A. A. Generation of a strong high frequency field harmonics in a partially ionized gas upon impact ionizations of atoms   17
Yurgelenas Yu. V., Leeva M. A. Prebreakdown phases of a barrier discharge in air   21
Bushma V. O. Physical processes involved in strip electrode welding using method of slatted splicing   27
Dimitrovich D. A., Bychkov A. I., Ivanov V. A. Influence of physical methods of processing of a surface of the titan on growth of colonies of cells of a bone biological tissue   35


Syrovoy V. A. Naumov`s Gasdynamical models — an alternative of intense electron beam theory?   44
Ibraev A. T. Methodological features of research of the emissive and reflecting elements for corpuscular optics   50


(Materials of XX International scientific and engineering conference on photoelectronics and night vision devices, May 27—30 , 2008, Moscow)
Dirochka A. I., Filachev A. M. XX-th anniversary conference on photoelectronics and devices of night vision   53
Grinchenko L. Ya., Ponomarenko V. P., Filachev A. M. Current state and outlook of IR photoelectronics development   57
Gumenjuk-Sichevska J. V., Zabudsky V. V., Lysiuk I. A., Sizov F. F., Vasiliev V. V., Varavin V. S., Dvoretsky S. A., Mikhailov N. N., Sidorov Yu. G. Current transport mechanisms of photodiodes for the spectral range 8—12 µm based on MBE-grown heteroepitaxial HgCdTe layers   64
Lee I. I. Multichannel signal preprocessors for multielement IR FPA   69
Kuryshev G. L., Lee I. I., Bazovkin V. M., Valisheva N. A., Guzev A. A., Efimov V. M., Kovchavtsev A. P., Polovinkin V. G., Stroganov A. S. Ultimate parameters of multielement hybrid MOS InAs IR FPA and devices based of them   79
Guzev A. A., Varavin V. S., Dvoretsky S. A., Kovchavtsev A. P., Kuryshev G. L., Lee I. I., Panova Z. V., Sidorov Yu. G., Yakushev M. V. Photosensitive properties of In/ZnTe/CdTe/HgCdTe structures   92
Buzinin A. N., Lomonova E. E., Kravchenko N. V., Sidorov M. S., Trishenkov A. M., Filachev A. M., Hakuashev P. E. Perspectives of cubic zirconia using as micro- and photoelectronics material for photodetectors developing   96
Solyakov V. N., Kortikov M. V., Kataev O. V., Petruchuk I. V., Trunov G. L., Solomatin P. A., Bovkun A. V., Petruchuk M. V. The digital signals processing unit for InSb 256x256 FPA   102
Buzinin A. N., Lomonova E. E., Grishina T. N., Kosuhina L. A., Sidorov M. S., Trishenkov M. A., Troshkov A. E., Chinareva I. V., Yakunin S. N. Semiconductor photosensitive structures with cubic zirconia as passivating protective overcoat   105
Gelfand A. V., Paulish A. G., Fedorinin V. N. Uncooled matrix IR detector based on optoacoustic cells and optoelectronic reading system   109
Gavrishchuk E. M., Vilkova E. Yu., Kolesnikov A. N., Timofeev O. V. Computer estimation procedure for quality of the polished surfaces of polycrystalline zinc chalcogenides   115
Yakushev M. V., Vasiliev V. V., Dvoretsky S. A., Zahariyash T. I., Kozlov A. I., Sidorov Yu. G., Fomin B. I., Aseev A. L., Vinogradov A. V., Degtyarev E. V. The technological operation processes for fabrication of monolithic integrated IR detectors   120
Nuriyev I. R., Salayev E. Yu., Gadzhiyev M. B., Jalilova Kh. D., Sadigov R. M., Nazarov A. M., Barkhalov B. Sh. Structure and optical properties of Pb1-xMnxSe epitaxial films   127
Abrosimov A. I., Verlan A. A., Polishchuk G. M., Pichkhadze K. M., Sysoev V. K. Optimization of cryogenic radiating cooler   129
Beloconev V. M., Volcov V. G., Leonova G. A., Salicov V. L. Range-gated night vision device for spectral region 0.9—1.7 µm   135


Anchutkin V. S., Belsky A. B. Optical materials in DUV lithographic projection exposure systems: the current status and tendency of development and application   139

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