(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2012, No. 1 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Laptukhov A. I., Laptukhov V. A. Quantum mechanics of multielectronic atoms and ions  5
Timokhin V. M. Peculiarities of the proton transport in widezone crystals   12
Mallick B., Panigrahi S. Effect of amorphization cross-section of polymer due to MeV-proton irradiation   20
Kuzmin R. N., Savenkova N. P., Skladchikov S. A. Numerical research of dynamics of vortical formations on a surface of a soap bubble   26
Shestakov S. D., Krasnov A. E., Gorodishchensky P. A. Mathematical model and similarity parameter of cavi-tation in sonoreactors   31
Loktionov E. Yu., Protasov Yu. Yu., Telekh V. D. About the temperature dependence of a molybdenum spectral reflection coefficient in vacuum   40


Baksht F. G., Lapshin V. F. The electron energy transport through the plasma—electrode boundary in a weakly ionized plasma   46
Gruzdev V. A., Zalesski V. G., Rusetski I. S. Role of plasma electrons in gas-discharge plasma formation  52
Naumov N. D. About demodulation of short radio waves on their passage through the low ionosphere  59
Baldanov B. B. Features of the spark discharge formation at a limiting ballast resistor  64
Dolgov A. N., Zemchenkova N. V., Klyachin N. A., Prokhorovich D. E. Features of spatial structure and dynamics of plasma of rapid Z-pinch in the medium of heavy elements of high-current vacuum spark  68


Golikov Yu. K., Krasnova N. K., Martsinovsky I. A. High dispersion electric fields for energy analysers  76


Voitsekhovskii A. V., Kokhanenko A. P., Korotaev A. G., Grigor’ev D. V., Kulchitsky N. A., Melnikov A. A. Radiation effects in MCT   82
Sednev M. V., Boltar K. O., Mezin Yu. S., Klimanov E. A., Sharonov Yu. P. Factors determinating anisotropy of ion beam etching for the sputtered in layer  90
Monastyrskii L. S., Sokolovskii B. S., Pavlyk M. R., Aksiment’eva E. I. Relaxation of photoconductivity in porous silicon with the cylindrical geometry of pores  94
Nuriyev I. R., Faradzhev N. V., Nazarov A. M., Gadzhiev M. B. Isoperiodic photosensitive Pb1-xSnxSe / PbSe1-xSx  98
Gumenjuk-Sychevska J. V., Melezhik E. A. Calculations of electron spectra and electron relaxation times in the CdTe/Hg1-xCdxTe/CdTe quantum wells for their variable parameters   101
Farzaliyev S. S., Nuriyev I. R., Sadigov R. M., Barkhalov B. Sh. Photosensitive epitaxial PbSe1-xTex films   107
Zaitsev A. A., Khromov S. S. Photosensitive elements and ROIC structure for UV FPA   110


Luk’yanchikov G. S., Khaziev T. R. Aircraft reactive force to be created by the charged microdroplets   116
Beloconev V. M., Volcov V. G., Leonova G. A., Salicov V. L., Froimson I. M. The binocular with field stabilization   127

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