(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2011, No. 3 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Astapenko V. A. Scattering of ultra-short laser pulses on metallic nanoparticles  5
Naumov N. D. Passage of short radio waves through the low ionosphere   12
Kasimov R. M., Kasimova S. R. Reflectionless absorption of electromagnetic radiation at its falling at an angle on the clarified swallowing wafer  18
Morozov A. N., Skripkin A. V. Thermal radiation of the body subjected to the fluctuating external influence  25
Yankovskii A. P. Modelling of processes of thermal conductivity in spatially reinforced composites with any orientation of fibres  32


Pan’kin N. A., Smolanov N. A. Molecular-dynamic simulation of ion bombardment with nanoclusters with pair interatomic interaction  39
Gribkov V. A., Demin A. S., Demina E. V., Dubrovsky A. V., Karpinski L., Maslyaev S. A., Pimenov V. N., Padukh M., Sholz M. Physical processes of interaction between ion and plasma streams and a target surface in the Dense Plasma Focus device  43
Pashchina A. S., Nikolaeva V. I., Sidorenko M. K., Prudchenko V. A. Experimental researches of ionizing radiation influence on parameters of the resonance formed in the high-voltage gas discharge  52
Zheleznov Yu. A., Khomich V. Yu. Experimental technique of passive optical diagnostics of plasma  60
Gavrish S. V. Influence of plasma dynamics of a sodium discharge on the radiation spectrum  67


Nevolin V. K. Quantum statistical resonance in the process of electron beam interaction with laser radiation  73
Kontorin Yu. F., Rogovin V. I., Rogovin I. V. Calculation of characteristics of an intensive electron beam in TWT   77


Korneeva M. D., Ponomarenko V. P., Filachev A. M. Current state and new prospects of the semiconductor infrared photoelectronics. PartII.  82
Eremchuk A. I., Khromov S. S., Zaitsev A. A. Progress of the ROIC technology for a modern FPA  91
Suslyakov Yu. V., Kormiltsev I. V. Photodetector with guided wavelength characteristics on the basis of the n-ZnS-n-GaAs heterostructure  95
Patrashin A. I. The theoretical research of the background irradiation of an IR array with the specific cold shields  98
Magerramov A. M., Ramazanov M. A., Gadzhieeva F. V. Photoluminescent properties of nanocomposite materials on the base of PVDF+CdS and PP+CdS  107


Zharkov I. P., Zhirko Yu. I., Safronov V. V., Solonetskiy A. I. Expansion of functionality of the liquid-flowing helium cryostats  110
Samvelov A. V., Shirokov D. A., Teymurly S. N., Khan A. T. Measuring instrument of a piston-cylinder pair clearance working in the gas dynamic suspension  114
Ponomarev A. G., Magilin D. V., Miroshnichenko V. I., Ponomareva A. A. Ion-optical properties of quadrupole lenses with conical aperture  117
Alimov A. E., Rovenskaya T. S. Investigation of a "thick" isoplanatic axial gradient-index lens  125

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